Nada es real.

Nothing is real. Including this.

Anything you want in love you should have. If you want someone to send you flowers just because it’s Tuesday, you should have that. If you want someone to write you love letters, you should have that. If you want someone who looks at you like the sun rises and sets because of you, you should have that. In life, we often have to settle for “okay” or “good enough”, love should not be one of those things.

—c.h.dixon (via kushandwizdom)

—Mira la luna. La luna es tuya, nadie te la puede quitar. La has atado con los besos de tu mano y con la alegre mirada de tu corazón.

Jaime Sabines (via avenidadelospoetas)

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Those who escape hell, however, never talk about it. And nothing much bothers them after that.

Charles Bukowski  (via darksilenceinsuburbia)

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It’s easy, just dance.

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Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.

—Carl Jung  (via okjol)

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